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Become a Mystery Shopper with MaritzCX

To become a Mystery Shopper with MaritzCX, you must first submit a Shopper Profile.

The shopper profile webpage is secured to protect all information you provide and that information will be kept confidential. All mystery shoppers for MaritzCX are independent contractors.

When completing your shopper profile, you will also need to provide some personal information about yourself. You will be required to provide your SSN to prove your individuality. The SSN will be encrypted and will be held safely by MaritzCX. Since many clients require specific demographics to match their customer base, the shopper profile includes some basic questions about yourself.

All qualified shoppers will receive consideration without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, national origin, disability or citizenship.

After your shopper profile has been accepted, you will receive an email with login information for our website. This email will give you instructions on how to proceed. In order to perform mystery shops, you will need to provide information for your Independent Contractor Agreement and W-9 forms and sign both forms digitally. In addition, you will also need to upload digital images of both your auto insurance card (or some other proof of auto insurance) and a valid photo ID (Driver’s license is preferred). If you do not have auto insurance, you will not be disqualified. You will simply need to affirm that you understand that without auto insurance you will be unable to perform shops that require you to operate a vehicle without assistance.

Once you have completed these steps and all of your information is validated, you will be able to see mystery shops that are available in your area. Shoppers who complete their shops by their due dates, provide their data in a timely manner afterwards, and provide all of the required documentation for each shop will have first consideration for available shops.

We highly encourage shoppers to provide a FEIN (Federal Tax Number). If you do not have an FEIN, it can be obtained within minutes by filling out a form on the IRS website here. There are no fees from the IRS to obtain a FEIN. When providing a FEIN, you will also need to provide the business name you created as part of applying for your FEIN. Shoppers that provide a FEIN will receive payment for their completed shops via a check written to their business name. If you do not wish to provide an FEIN at the time of submitting your profile, you will be able to submit a FEIN at any time from the same page you will be accessing to submit your forms.

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