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All of us at MaritzCX are extremely excited to announce the official launch of the MaritzCX OnSite mystery shopping app for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Many of our shoppers have been using the app as either beta testers or early adopters as we've slowly launched the OnSite App. The feedback has been very positive:

"When I use it, it works seamlessly and I like it!"

"This has made the whole debriefing process much faster!"

"This app makes mystery shopping for MaritzCX so much easier!"

"I love this app, and you can quote me on that!”

MaritzCX OnSite puts mystery shopping in real-time and in the palm of your hands.

This app will allow you to find mystery shop and audit opportunities, view and review the Client Requirements, and enter shop results and photos from your Android device or iPhone! This app is built to improve accuracy and save you time when conducting mystery shops and audits for MaritzCX.

Here are the time-saving new features:

  • Find new shopping opportunities in real-time with a map – this will show all opportunities in your area or in a specific city/zip code.
  • Submit a bid on the opportunities you wish to perform – or take them at the offered price to self-award the shops to yourself.
  • Take the Client Requirements with you no matter where you are – Project materials are downloadable to your device for quick reference.
    • Expert Tip 1: To reduce time further, shoppers with both a tablet and a phone can download the .pdf(s) of the material(s) to their tablet and then perform their shop with their phone.
  • Debrief while shopping – you will be able to debrief your shops on-site as you complete them. No more writing things down or trying to remember what that CSR was wearing - just answer the questions as you go!
    • Expert Tip 2: If you look at the requirements documents before you leave your house via the Onsite app, you will be able to perform your shop on the app without needing to have cellular or wireless connection. The data will submit as soon as you return to having a connection.
  • Camera integration – while answering your questions, instantly bring up your phone’s camera to take your photo. No more having to deal with managing and resizing your photos after your shop!
  • COMING SOON! Custom Photo Album – all photos that you take while completing your shop will be saved to a custom album labeled with the visit id.

Please check out the MaritzCX OnSite Reference Guide click here for more information.

We encourage you to download the app now and start using it immediately. The benefits to you, MaritzCX and our clients are significant and we want everyone to immediately experience those benefits on all of our programs.

Click on one of the following links right now to download the app on your mobile phone:

For those with Android devices:

For those with iOS / Apple devices:


Beware of Mystery Shopping Scams!

MaritzCX is aware that fraudulent letters are being sent out using our name, logo, and address. Any letter received in the mail asking the recipient to deposit the enclosed check and then use some of the funds to perform a mystery shop is likely fraud. If you receive a letter that looks like this using MaritzCX’s name, logo or address, please contact MaritzCX immediately at 1-800-782-4299 x 83875 or We also encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities:

MaritzCX operates under the following policies to help you identify fraudulent activity:

  1. All authorized communication from MaritzCX will come from a MaritzCX email address ("" or "").
  2. We never ask shoppers to send us money.
  3. We will never send anything in the mail or via a shipping company (e.g. UPS) without you agreeing to conduct a mystery shop by phone or our web site.

You can find out more information regarding mystery shopper scams from this FTC Consumer Alert (

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