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Welcome to
MaritzCX Virtual Customers
Virtual Customers is the mystery shopping division of MaritzCX. MaritzCX is the largest custom research company in the United States and among the top 15 research companies in the world.


Beware of Mystery Shopping Scams!

MaritzCX is aware that fraudulent letters are being sent out using our name, logo, and address. Any letter received in the mail asking the recipient to deposit the enclosed check and then use some of the funds to perform a mystery shop is likely fraud. If you receive a letter that looks like this using MaritzCX’s name, logo or address, please contact MaritzCX immediately at 1-800-782-4299 x 83875 or We also encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities:

MaritzCX operates under the following policies to help you identify fraudulent activity:

  1. All authorized communication from MaritzCX will come from a MaritzCX email address ("" or "").
  2. We never ask shoppers to send us money.
  3. We will never send anything in the mail or via a shipping company (e.g. UPS) without you agreeing to conduct a mystery shop by phone or our web site.

You can find out more information regarding mystery shopper scams from this FTC Consumer Alert (

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  • Submit Profile - to become a Virtual Customer
  • Assign - to view and request available
    assignments in your area
  • Review - of client details
  • Debrief - to key in the results of your visit
  • Upload - to upload photos of your visit
  • Update - to amend your personal details

To become a Virtual Customer, please fill out a profile or
call (800) 782-4299 (US)

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