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About MaritzCX Virtual Customers

MaritzCX Virtual Customers is more than mystery shopping. We provide a diagnostic tool to gather information about the customer experience at the moment of truth – the moment of interaction between customers and members of staff.

As a Virtual Customer for MaritzCX, you will role play as a real customer to directly evaluate the quality of service delivered by a company. Virtual customers must demonstrate integrity, comprehension and attention to detail.

MaritzCX requires that all Virtual Customers be Independent Contractors.

To become a Virtual Customer, you must:

1. Submit your Shopper Profile
2. Fill out our Independent Contractor Agreement
3. Fill out a W-9
4. Digitally sign our Independent Contractor Agreement
5. Digitally sign your W-9

Upon review and acceptance, you will become part of our mystery shopping database. These forms should be completed and submitted online. If you are unable to complete forms online, paper copies may be mailed to MaritzCX.

Once you have been accepted as an Independent Contractor, you will receive an individual ID and password by e-mail. This will allow you to view and express your interest in potential assignments.

You will be contacted by phone to confirm your assignments and begin your experience as a MaritzCX Virtual Customer.

If you are a shopper wanting more information about Virtual Customer's services, please phone us on (800) 782-4299.

If you are a client wanting more information about Virtual Customer's services, please email us or visit our Virtual Customers web site. Or phone us at 1 (877) 4-MARITZ / 1 (877) 462-7489 US.

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